Daweda Exchange Professional Client Program offers execution capabilities suited for clients who are:
• Money managers.
• Broker dealers.
• Professional traders.
The Daweda Exchange Professional Client Program allows professional clients to trade using automated tools which they can develop by themselves, or with the help of customized solutions utilizing our wide range of products and services to help fit their needs.
The Daweda Exchange’s Professional Client Program offers professional clients the following advantages:
• Leading back office technology to track performance.
• Real time revenue generation and reporting systems.
• Dedicated account representatives providing ongoing business development support.
• 24-hour operations support.
• Broad suite of client platforms in multiple languages
• API connection to the Daweda Exchange Orderbook.
Apply for a Professional Client Program account and start trading like a pro.
Write to us to ProfessionalClient@daweda.com
Daweda Exchange is the world’s first online marketplace for Financial Contracts, providing the technology that allows anyone the complete freedom to set prices and trade in Financial Contracts with other clients. Trading in Financial Contracts enables clients to profit 100% on their successful trades.